I learned so much about gut health in today's interview with functional nutritionist Frankie Leigh. This is such an important topic that I know a lot of other women struggle with especially during times of stress. Frankie expresses how your body copes with stress from the things that you are eating and how stress in the outside world can have similar effects on your body. No matter the situation. There were so many aha moments in here for me that helped! We give a few tips on managing stress as well!

She's been working in women's health for nearly 20 years. She's an undergraduate degree in women's studies and social work. Women's health and safety and well-being has been a long term passion of hers. 

I am so excited for you all to listen to this super insightful interview and hope that you learn just as much as I did! It is especially important right now that we making managing stress a priorities in all our lives.

And right now, Radiate Wellness is giving away the 5 Step Guidebook Mapping Overwhelm into Action as a little taster for the new online course The Pivot Project. And for a limited time, get free access to her FB Group Intrapersonal Intelligence. And there are still a few open client seats with the Radiate Wellness private practice. Curious? Book a Q&A session with Frankie Leigh!

You can also connect with Frankie and follow along her sleep challenge here that she mentioned:

Website: radiate-wellness.com

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intrapersonalintelligence/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radiateyourwellness/

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