Meet Caitie

Hey! I'm Caitie

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs.

this is the place where I take my power back. As abby wambach said, we were never little red, we were always the wolves.

This is where I'm supposed to write enough about myself to make me sound relatable and trust-worthy. I don't take you for an idiot so I trust you're in the right place to find that out for yourself.

I grew up convicted to do something that made my world proud of me.

Through my journey I realized that there isn't a problem I could solve to make me feel like I mattered. That was something I had to define for myself. The work I've done that is painted across the pages of this site is the most honest work I've ever done. I know because the pain, the joy, the overwhelm, and community I've intentionally built because of it is something I not only lived through but I so desperately needed.

I can't promise you that it's going to be easy, because it won't but what I can promise you is that when you wake up inside of changing your own life everyday you can't unsee or unknow how powerful and purposeful your life truly is and how much you being here matters.








red wine or whiskey sour

I won't hold your hand but I'll diligently stand by your side as you create, become, and unravel who you were always meant to be. Our backbones are stronger than our bodies give us credit for, but when your knees get weak I will remind you that you were built for this.

I laugh. a lot. I always like to quote my favorite author Glennon Doyle when she says in her family they always had to laugh through the hard. She calls it "Brutiful." Because not only does laughing release serotonin and dopamine to give your system the reset it needs but how in the world do we not laugh when we trip over our own two feet from time to time. Don't take it all tooooo seriously.

I think you're pure actual magic. I look at you and I see galaxies of stardust particles that made the journey to make you, you, one freaking miracle of a time. That means I pay extra attention to when you're selling yourself short little miracle you, and I will poke the bear (if you will) to call you out. It's a little tough love but that's what it is ...allll love.

I've been where you are. Not in a fake, relatable sort of way. I questioned everything. I second-guessed. I judged. I quit. I cried. Hell, I still catch myself inside these tantrums of unrealized conditioning from time to time. But that's exactly what they are. NOT MINE. And good news! Yours either! I was uniquely built to not only walk this path but guide you through it too and because you're here, I think you know that too.

what makes me different:


I believe you are worth fighting for

I'm tired of them telling us what's "realistic," what about you?

i'm ready to stop settling

what about a place where people wanted to have conversations about the way the world could be better rather than the way those in power choose to drown us out?

This isn't a perfect community, I'm certainly not a perfect leader but this is a space with the best intentions and people in it being as real as we can muster without burning it all down everyday. Join us, let's talk about the hopes we have and what we are doing about it and leave the rest to other surface level spaces out there.

heck yes, I want in!