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I'm Caitie Pearson (she/her), a Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Sag rising. A Projector in Human Design, and an enneagram 8w7.

I'm also a sister, daughter, niece, friend, business owner, coach, writer, creative, web designer, painter, photographer, lover, guide, advocate, traveler, and full-time vanlifer.

And while I identify with all these, I have never liked being put in a box, but in a world full of labels the one I carried with me for too long was "too much."

"Too much."

It’s true, I told stories about my mundane school days 45 minutes long, I climbed the tallest trees, I took on any perceived challenge, and I pushed back on every “because I said so.”

Bottom line, I was a ruthless little girl with a wild curiosity and an expertise in getting the most out of anything.

From the beginning it’s been about knowing myself for myself, never settling, selling myself short, or taking anyone else’s experiences, perceptions, or opinions before my own. 

Now, as an adult, especially a woman, I moved on from “because I said so,” to battling “that’s just the way it is,” a platitude to silence the curiosities of what’s possible and quite arguably, at times, better as we evolve and find the answers we’ve been steered away from not only live outside of the options they’ve given us but truly lie within ourselves.

They called my passion, drama and dismissed me at every turn.

How I was as a little girl became who I am, the woman that fights to create spaces for the little girl inside of you that never got the opportunity to be a little reckless in pursuit of who she really is. That passion has become my power, and my mission is to help liberate the little girls and let them be wild. 

Thanks for being here xx, Caitie

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