Hey There!

What if I told you....

You're the one you've been waiting for.

I like stories, so I want to tell you a little one, if you'll humor me. I've designed my website to be flipped through like a book so click the arrow below and turn the page!

There once was a young person who had to grow up really fast....

She identified as a girl, and what that meant for her, as she grew up with mostly all boys was that she had to prove over and over that she was just as brave, fast, strong, and worthy as they were.
She played sports, didn't complain when she got hurt, and never cried.

"crying is for babies", the boys told her.

As the girl got older, she realized most of the world was like this. Making us to choose before we're ready, Making us to decide before we've lived long enough to know. Conditioning happy right out of us for careers to make money like we will recount the bills instead of memories on our death beds.

Well that little girl said no.

Will You?

You must call in your courage, challenge what's "realistic," and fight for the dreams they've tried to squelch before you've even said them out loud if you hope to empower future generations to shake the cages of what's possible because you were here.