Transforming fear into

powerfully embodied worthiness

I'm ready, let's go


that is until >> full story here

And despite all that, i still was afraid of what they would say if i failed at the game i created for myself, it held me back for years...

I've been called a Rule-Breaker, Risk-taker, Intense, Misfit, Wayfinder, Reckless, Foolish, Stubborn, Obstinate... just to name a few

Stop me when I get something wrong....

You know exactly what you want and what you have to do to have it but

you're struggling with...

second-guessing your process, and trusting that the work you're doing everyday is going to lead you to your goals.

losing so much time in the planning stages that it feels like you are spinning your wheels, always missing something, and never actually getting started.

feeling like you're constantly behind, judging your lack of progress, and getting discouraged that you're never going to get your shit together.

Cait honestly doesn't take your bullshit excuses. She holds you accountable, and it's fierce but she's compassionate when it gets tough. 100% would recommend for anyone looking to get out of their own way.

This felt like the first time where I had to work for the answers that felt right for me. She doesn't hand you anything and I truly believe it's going to stick this time because of that.

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