96. Money Management, Debt, and Investing 101

July 8, 2020

She’s Hungry host Cait Pearson sits down with wealth management advisor Joy Dow and they discuss how to set yourself up for a solid financial future and have a better understanding of money management in today's episode.  

Joy is a wealth management advisor or as she calls herself, a financial personal trainer. She and her team deliver value by developing enduring relationships with clients and conveying situational strategic insight into an increasingly complex world of financial challenges where many advisors start with solutions. As an advisor, she's committed to bringing passion, education and confidence to the people she works with. 

I think we all can agree over the last couple of weeks, there has been so much turbulence as far as everybody's financial status and people are reevaluating and having to pivot in terms of jobs and financial security. In this episode, Cait asks Joy all about credit card debt, student loan interest rates and consolidation, how to get started into investing and financial planning for your future. Unfortunately in school we weren't given a lot of info on money management, so this episode gives you the quick and dirty download. Get your pen and paper ready to listen to this one, Joy brings so much clarity around these financial topics to make it easily digestible no matter what your level of financial knowledge. 

Joy offers free financial planning! Connect with her on LinkedIn and her website…

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joydow/

Website: joyndow.nm.com

Connect with She’s Hungry host, Cait Pearson:

Email: podcast@caitpearson.com

Instagram: @sheshungryco

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