In today's episode I explore the idea that through the chaos of what is going on outside with the pandemic and politics now more than ever we are trying to find some control, something solid to hold onto.

So in that we are showing up on social media and sticking to our routines, and these dynamics all the while feeling more tired, and more stressed, and possibly more confused and overwhelmed on why and what we are really doing at all….

I say this because I can relate, which is why my body, mind, and spirit went into a full WTF spiral and landed me here. Not really doing much of anything but doing everything my own self and body really say yes to, and some days that's a whole lot of nothing. Honestly, productivity queen is jumping ship because holy hell I woke up to the nightmare that I've been on the wrong boat! And this one is making me sea sick.

Not saying I'll never be the “traditional” sense of productive again but I'm going to do it on my own boat in a way that feels right for me, even when it doesn't make sense or look like what everyone else is to expect.

And that brings me to the point of this episode, I wouldn't have known the boat wasn't right (to stay with this analogy) if I didn't do this work, and I think we are so focused sometimes (especially in the online business world and being so visible online) on creating utility for other people, or holding on to this ship for dear life that we are completely missing out on the full experience that is all our own.

What do I mean by this? Listen to the episode and find out! Then start living, get messy with it. I'm here with ya.

Love, Cait.

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