121. Exploring the Functionality of Human Design for Life and Business with Alexandria Rollet

November 30, 2020

It's not about whether you think that Astrology or Human Design is real, it's whether you believe that anything you believe in can make an impact on how you do life and business.

Episode Notes

In today's episode I talk with Alexandria Rollet, she combines the wisdom of Astrology with the functionality of Human Design to create transformational experiences for entrepreneurs. She helps her clients honor and align with their unique astrological designs so that they can experience less resistance and more success in both life and business.

We not only explore the intricacies on the different part of your chart that can indicate how you structure your days and formulate goals, but also some beginner foundational work that you can begin experimenting with to greatly impact the way you start and end your days.

We talk nightly and morning routines, we talk partners with differing types, we talk eating habits, and so much more.

Human Design is a grand experiment, why complicate it more than that if it might actually help you?

You can find your chart where I did at: https://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart

or the website Alexandria mentioned here: http://www.geneticmatrix.com/

Get in touch with Alexandria through these links:




Grab Your Mercury in Business Free Download here also: https://bit.ly/Mercuryinbiz

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