A couple of years ago, I was working at my dream job, with an amazing team and an amazing boyfriend. I had everything I ever wanted, but I was desperately unhappy. 

As I was trying to find out why I was struggling so much despite all the good around me, I came across an Instagram profile that changed my life forever. One phone call led to such an incredible transformation in me that it built the foundation of She’s Hungry and the change I want to create in the world. 


Landing my dream job

Two years out of college, I landed my dream job. At least what I thought was my dream job. I was a food photographer making over $50,000 a year plus benefits in an entry-level role. We had work from home Fridays and office happy hours. I loved the team of women I worked with who felt like family. This job checked every box I thought I could ever want but about nine months into it, I started wondering if there could be more.

After landing my dream job, I expected to be over-the-moon happy but I wasn’t happy. I opened up to my circle about my struggle and they said I needed to have more gratitude for this amazing opportunity I had. Hearing the people I trusted the most say that I wasn’t grateful created an unsettled feeling inside, like I was broken. I decided I needed to start a gratitude practice. I began meditating and listening to podcasts. I completely absorbed myself in what it meant to be grateful for my life.

The Instagram profile that changed my life

As I started my gratitude practice, I would write down the things that I was grateful for such as my health and my family. The gratitude practice highlighted the things I was truly grateful for while also shining a light on the things that did not align with me, like my ‘dream’ job. 

As I was learning more about the practice of gratitude, I came across a profile that changed my life and began the journey of creating She’s Hungry. Andrea Leda is a coach who felt so authentic and connected to what I was experiencing. When I reached out to her to request a call, she held a space for me that was so honest and real. She let me say everything that was on my heart. I poured it all out in a call. She never sold me, but rather heard me and validated me. She took the time to hear everything I needed to say until I felt better. It was such a genuine space that it left me craving more of this. Her approach to the call was so genuine and valuable, I realized that you can give so much away in these calls and still have a profitable business. 

Why you can’t give away too much for free

When she mentioned an event she had coming up, I was so grateful to her for the experience on that call that I had to have more of it. While many of us struggle with a scarcity mindset that pushes us into a sales mode during discovery calls, I urge you to shift your mindset to one of abundance. With this shift, you will bring value to the call, regardless if it results in a sale. When you come with this mindset, you both will walk away with value and gratitude, and most likely, a money exchange in the end.

The thing we miss a lot of times in online business is the opportunity for real connection because we are so scared of giving too much away. It is not possible to give too much away. People like Andrea who come from a place of abundance and service, who hold that space for you when you reach out to them, create a need for more of their service. 

Building My Own Way Out

After attending Andrea’s event, the limiting beliefs I held about my capabilities and the possibilities for my future were released. A gift was given to me that day and I couldn't undo what was happening inside of me. I went back to my job on Monday with a plan to build my way out of that job and create my real dream career. I worked hard, saving as much as I could so that I could build my own business.

As fate would have it, my time as a food photographer was coming to a quick end. Two weeks of working an overwhelming workload lead to a conversation with management that was not well received. A week later, I was fired. I packed up my desk and I finally felt free. I was scared as the reality hit that I had no income but I felt safe. I was able to begin the next chapter, to see what was really possible for me. 

What’s Next?

I still have a lot to work through, which is what I've been doing the last couple of months. I’m trying to get clear on why I'm so scared to let this wall down. How am I holding myself back? 

While I won’t be as active on Instagram, I am still offering my accountability coaching sessions. I want to hold space for you to say what it is that you really want to create in your life. Then I will give you the support you need to start down the path to manifesting your dreams. We will develop an actionable plan that you can really execute. Through small steps, you will build a relationship with yourself that you can trust.

I hope that by reading this, you start a conversation within yourself to ask deeper questions that get to the heart of your desires. What do you want to create and put out into the world? Give yourself permission to acknowledge anything that comes up. You are powerful and valuable and everything that you want is possible.

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