I Took a Walk In Nature and This is What it Whispered

January 30, 2023

Next time there wind blows on your face, I want you to imagine it kissing your spirit. I took a walk in nature and this is what it whispered.

It doesn’t whip or dance or bounce or propel around, it’s absorbed and embodied within you.

Your energy, atoms, and every time a living entity contacts you it imprints you with the lessons and wisdom of its time in observation.

And that’s all you need to know; each time you take your body for a walk outside your symbiosis with what is and what was wraps it’s energy around you and says,

“there you are, we’ve found you again.”

What if each time the wind blows a limb or a leaf it’s not pushing it to move but giving it the energy and life through absorption to wave at you, welcome you, when it recognizes you’re near

Everything, existence is a mere performance for our pleasure and we have the rare opportunity to enjoy it and take it in if we choose.

It’s a coming home, a remembrance.

We are one with all of it; and we will be as we were and will all return back to which we came. It’s a miracle really.

The only difference between us and a bush is that we get to move and impact and imprint and communicate differently…..

Take those gifts and use them in full advantage to communicate your wisdom and depth not react upon the fleeting moments that are now… use the wisdom to make it bigger and deeper and bolder.

Later the gift on top of what we already know and what we already are and what we don’t have to try and figure out is to just be.


Nothing is lost, the magic just looks different

tall grasses blowing in the breeze with a quote that says "next time the wind blows against your face, I want you to imagine it kissing your spirit. Recognizing you, "oh there you are, welcome home." with squiggled lines framing the quote.

I won’t be able to describe what this time is going to look like for you. I only know that by the time we are complete you will feel different and fuller and when you look in the mirror you know will see yourself differently; even if it’s just a little because you will remember you are pure magic.

With that magic you will see what’s possible for you when you create a safe space within yourself that is sacred for your truth. Walls of a home inside of yourself built on values and boundaries adorned with grace, and growth, and purpose.

You will believe in yourself, your true self with a level of magnitude that will contagiously be gifted on all that you meet because you will realize, out loud that without a doubt the world is better because you are alive and realizing your gifts.

It’s lighter, and if that lightness can be spread and replicated and united then the world will be better for it because this hope and love and wholeness is what’s under it all, for most of us anyway, and that can’t be bad.

I took a walk in nature and this is what it whispered. What if the wind exists to kiss your cheeks and remind you that you’re alive?


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Xx, Caitie

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