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Uncover the roots of your beliefs for transformative growth and alignment with your authentic self in this empowering workshop.


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Embark on a profound exploration of worthiness in a  four part workshop series where we navigate questions that go straight to the core of our being.
What does it truly mean to be worthy? How do we recognize it, and what signals its absence? Join us as we unravel the stories of our inherent worthiness, discovering where these narratives are planted within us.

Registration is open for the first workshop in the series, Belief Unraveled.

$88 or $333

Uncover the roots of your beliefs for transformative growth and alignment with your authentic self in this empowering workshop.


Workshop + Digital Products are Non-Refundable

March 12th, 4pm-6pm PST

While goals are essential, the real game-changer lies in our relationship to achievement – the ability to not only accomplish tasks but to adapt our goals based on an evolving self-awareness. It's not just about the actions; the key lies in cultivating a mindful connection to what we're doing, transforming the way we approach and redefine our aspirations.

Having support and a sense of community is like having a cheering squad on your journey to transform deep-seated beliefs. It's the secret sauce that keeps you going, making sustainable and consistent habits feel not just doable, but downright empowering. Keeping in mind that support isn't only about community but how you take care of yourself also.

The things you do every day, like your habits and routines, are like a window into your beliefs and who you are at your core. When you understand this connection, it opens the door to consciously shaping your daily life in a way that feels true to the real you. We will explore the areas of importance in your life and how making small, consist changes can lead to larger impact.

Delving to the heart of your beliefs unveils the very foundation upon which your thoughts, actions, and decisions rest, providing profound self-awareness. Understanding and reshaping these core beliefs can catalyze transformative personal growth, fostering alignment with your authentic self and unlocking the potential for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Workshop One: Belief Unraveled

Workshop Two: Habit Alchemy

Workshop Three: Self-Trust + Satisfaction

Workshop  Four: Achievement Redefined


We are the stories we tell ourselves. 

Which is a double-edged sword because we have the power to remind ourselves everyday how brave we are, how impactful our presence is, how important our voices are, how glorious our bodies are..... but we don't.

Unfortunately more times then not we see our flaws, our failures, and our short-comings. We are taught to improve the "F" instead of celebrating the "A," and what's detrimental of all is that most of this negativity is happening behind the scenes in our subconscious mind.

I'd like to believe you're here because you want to change that. I'll show you where to get started.

"Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision."

During our frist session we will ground ourselves in intentional container setting using a group exercise to create a portal for safety and compassion over the course of our time together over the next four weeks.

Each workshop is two hours fulled with meditation, live coaching, journaling movement, and creativity to unblock the somatic bridge between mind, body, and spirit.


$88/class or $333total

*BONUS* when you purchase the whole Worthy Within Workshop Series you'll receive a complimentary 90 minute coaching session 


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The Details

Belief Unraveled
March 12th

During this first session we will ground the sacred container with the higher guides using a portal activation meiditation to clear the energy and hold safety and exploration in the utmost regard.

Step into a transformative journey with us as we unravel the threads of our identities, exploring the beliefs that shape who we are. Together, we'll delve into the unseen cages of societal expectations, conditioning, and the media's influence, shedding light on the constraints we unknowingly inhabit. Dive deep into discussions on self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism, unraveling the ways these pressures shape our self-perception.

In the second half of our workshop, prepare to embark on a soulful exploration of your true essence. We'll navigate the landscape of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, uncovering the core beliefs that underpin your vision for yourself and the world. Discover the hope you cling to fiercely and envision a life where it takes center stage, exploring the beliefs and identities required to manifest this reality. Join us as we cultivate a space of grace, empowering you to embody your truest self and navigate life's challenges with resilience and authenticity.


Habit Alchemy
March 19th

Together, we'll shine a light on the beliefs that may be keeping us stuck and small, and unravel the intricate connection between our everyday habits and the security they provide. Once we gain insights into these patterns, we'll dive into the exploration of what it means to build safety while cultivating new and empowering habits.

This immersive experience will delve into the ways we unwittingly reinforce limiting beliefs about our worth through daily habits, repetitive patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves. Our spotlight will be on three key aspects: Scarcity, Perfectionism, and Conditioning. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, we'll navigate the terrain of scarcity thinking, challenge the pursuit of perfection, and unravel the impact of societal conditioning on our sense of self.

Self-Trust + Satisfaction
March 26th

In this immersive experience, we go beyond the surface, delving into the creation of a robust self-care structure. Picture it as a resilient foundation, a sanctuary you can return to during the storms of adversity. But that's not all – we recognize the individuality in each person's journey. Support, a crucial element, takes various forms, extending beyond the realms of community and relationships. It's about tailoring your support system to what feels right for you.

Discover the power of personalized support as we explore how community becomes a cornerstone when it feels genuinely supportive to you. Understanding what support means for your sustainability, accountability, and safety during periods of change and adversity is pivotal. We'll delve into the art of identifying and nurturing connections that resonate with your unique needs, creating a supportive environment that fuels your personal growth.

Acheivement Redefined
April 2nd

It's not merely about ticking off tasks; it's about adapting our goals in sync with a deepening self-awareness.

In this immersive experience, we'll explore the pivotal shift from a task-centric mindset to one rooted in a mindful connection with our actions. The real key lies not just in what we do but in how we do it. Prepare to delve into the intricacies of cultivating a mindful approach, a transformative journey that reshapes the very foundation of how we perceive and redefine our aspirations.

Picture this as more than a workshop; it's an odyssey into understanding the nuanced dance between goals and self-awareness. 

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What to Expect:


"You became who you needed to be in order to survive. Now it's time to become who you need to be to thrive.

Change is coming, it's time to embrace it."

Join Us on March 12th from 4:00-6:00pm PST for the Belief Unraveled Workshop