93. Why You Shouldn’t Launch a Podcast

May 8, 2020

Today, host Cait Pearson breaks down exactly why you shouldn't launch a podcast. She hears it all, everything from click bait to platform growth, monetization and so many things in between. 

In this episode Cait not only lists her top three reasons why you shouldn't launch a podcast but she goes into great detail to explain concepts like the industry standards for sponsorship ad roll times, and how making money is possible, just not the way you think when starting out.

Additional notes: Agggh, guys this episode was insane when it came to the feedback. Especially during ‘Rona times I know everone and their brother wants to launch a podcast and I totally get it. Podcasting gives you a great opportunity to:

+ Build a place for an authentic community for people to learn from and grow together in.

+Gives you an alternate platform that can sponsor and promote offers you have and sales your running.

+A large format place (as opposed to TikTok and Instagram) where people can get to know you better and not to mention it's a place where you, as the host, get to create the adventure the listener is on.

Of course, blogs and email newsletters are good for this too but there is somethign extra special (atleast to me) about hearing someone's voice. Plus! You can listen to a podcast while you're cooking dinner or driving in your car.

So, as much as I'm a huge fan of anyone who has a message on their heart and wants to share it through podcasting, listen to this episode to make sure you're grounded in the right places before taking on the commitment!

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