think coach and confidant meets high-level accelerated action plan. 

you know it's time, you're ready, all in, and yet nothing actually feels like it's happening.

One of the first things the people I work with tend to say to me is, "It's like I know exactly what to do but for whatever reason it's just not coming together like I saw it in my head."

Oh I know this story all too well....

You tend to be excellent at the planning and organizing stage, not so much at the follow through and execution.... 

You tend to dwell in the dopamine of the vision itself, but when it comes to taking action  the second-guessing starts and anything you do feels lack-luster....

You tend to take on the whole project alone because you've been down this road before and you don't want to share it with anyone til you know you're going to see it through this time....

Let me be sorely honest:

I still sometimes struggle with these things too! You know that saying, do as I say not as I do? *raises hand* To a TEE.

Or, we are the best at giving the advice we can't seem to hear for ourselves? Tell me about it.

Honestly that is exactly what made me so good at this work. I'm able to see the holes you can't, even if I still struggle to see my own holes for myself sometimes. I am an expert hole-in-the-plan spotter now. 

How It Works:

(3) 1:1 sessions per month designed to:

Introduce + Explore 

Investigate + Activate

Evaluate + Integrate

All problems have four main componenets, a time, a space, a matter, and a purpose. our first session will be spent introducing the problem and exploring these componenets of what is keeping you stuck.

Here we will investigate the habits and routines in your five life houses of health, wealth, purpose, productivity, and community that are supporting your old way of being, and activate new choices to support new outcomes. you will also have environmental audit homework. 

"every level uncovers a new devil." as we navigate this work together old stories will resurface. our third session is about looking at integrative habits to root you in your body + support you in your power of choice.

Due to the nature of the work,there is a three month commitment for each person enrolled.

I open this offering to only 12 individuals per year.

Session One:

Session Two:

Session Three:

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The Investment:

You have two payment options available

 You can pay $600/month for three months.

I don't charge a fee for a payment plan.

 You can also pay the full amount up front if that is more convenient for you.


The Nudge is

Three Months &

in total.

Your experience includes:

+ Three 90 minute 1:1 sessions a month with cait

+ 3 transformational benchmarks for accelerated action

+ reflection prompts, integrative exercises, and somatic practices between sessions

+ unlimited access to cait via email, voxer, and notion between sessions

+ limited to 12 idividuals per year

schedule free 90-minute coaching session

nine sessions total, 810 coaching miunutes