It’s absolutely huge that you know exactly who your ideal target listener is. It is so important and it’s so easy to bypass, but this is a crucial foundation. You not only get to identify who you like to serve, but also who would best benefit from what you have to offer. And then you […]


September 28, 2020

113. Podcasting 101: Ideal Target Audience

Podcasting 101: Ideal Target Audience

  This is a non-traditional episode of the podcast, why? Because I recorded it LIVE on Instagram. If you want to see the LIVE video recording, you can find it here: @_sheshungry_ In today’s episode I explain podcasting basics such as: equipment budgets setting intention messaging building a community with integrity task batching for efficiency creating […]


July 27, 2020

104. How to Podcast: The Basics

In this episode Cait not only lists her top three reasons you should not be launching a podcast but she goes into great detail to explain concepts like the industry standards for sponsorship ad roll times, and how making money is possible, just not the way you think when starting out.


May 8, 2020

93. Why You Shouldn’t Launch a Podcast