Is this year coming to an end faster than expected or is that just me? I know over the next couple of weeks you may have to see people you haven’t seen since this time last year, people you may not have seen in years, or just a sheer quantity of people that you […]


December 15, 2023

#2 Some Perspective Shifts For Communication and Tolerance Tools for The Holiday Season

She's Hungry Podcast mock player with Episode 2 title

She’s Hungry host Cait Pearson sits down with wealth management advisor Joy Dow and they discuss how to set yourself up for a solid financial future and have a better understanding of money management in today’s episode.   Joy is a wealth management advisor or as she calls herself, a financial personal trainer. She and her […]


July 8, 2020

96. Money Management, Debt, and Investing 101

During these days of crazy quarantining, if you’re anything like me you’re drifting somewhere between super jazzed and ready to take on the to do list like a pro or contemplating how gross it really is that you haven’t changed out of your pajamas for the last 6 days. I hate inconsistencies and as much […]


July 8, 2020

97. What to do When Your Motivation is Low

In this final guest episode of season two Cait Pearson talks with behavioral health coach, Kelley Hoag. Kelley is a behavioral health advisor with a master’s of science in a well applied behavioral analysis and a certificate in integrative nutrition as the founder of Root to Rise Health. She uses behavior change and holistic health […]

Education, Lifestyle

July 8, 2020

98. How to Live a More Optimal Life That Works for You

Cait and Laura in this episode talk all about how self care has different meanings for each individual and how the “hustle” mindset might not be in your best intentions. Laura shares her self care tips and how this journey has changed her mindset and the way she looks at her past, present and future. By the end of this episode, you will really be able to view your schedule and priorities in a more intentional way to be able to choose yourself first, and make self care a daily routine.

Education, Lifestyle

May 9, 2020

90. Self-Care and Choosing Yourself First