90. Self-Care and Choosing Yourself First

May 9, 2020

Today, Cait sits down to talk with Laura Abate of Oh Cocoon. After starting off her entrepreneurship journey as a travel blogger and ending up being burnt out through it all, she has since pivoted to a more sustainable way of living as a conscious content creator. It's during this time that she was forced to look inward and really answer the hard questions about her future and life. So many creatives and entrepreneurs continue to spin their wheels without taking a step back to reflect intentionally. Today we touch on saying no, setting boundaries, and taking care of yourself to give more to others. She’s here to empower people to slow down through wellness practices, self-care and mindset growth.

Cait and Laura in this episode talk all about how self care has different meanings for each individual and how the “hustle” mindset might not be in your best intentions. Laura shares her self care tips and how this journey has changed her mindset and the way she looks at her past, present and future. By the end of this episode, you will really be able to view your schedule and priorities in a more intentional way to be able to choose yourself first, and make self care a daily routine.

If you are craving connection right now, Laura is offering free 30 minute calls as a listening ear if you want to talk mindset, self-care or are having any issues transitioning during this time.


To connect further with Laura and learn more about the Oh Cocoon platform, you can do so from the links below:

Website: www.ohcocoon.com

Instagram: @oh.cocoon

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Follow her on IG at: @sheshungryoco

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