This is my story...

Hi, I'm Caitie

I believe you're here because the way you're "supposed to be" isn't working for you...

And it was never meant to.

You'll find across these pages that I do a little bit of this and that, but the golden thread is that all of my work is meant to ignite the smolder inside of you that wants to challenge the narrative you've accepted as "what is" and fight for the dreams they've tried to squelch before you've ever said them out loud.

Limited little girl turned photographer, coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and endlessly curious adventuress

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Every month I drop into the inboxes of my community to leave a little inspiration, call them to action for the causes they believe in, and share step-by-step insight on how I'm navigating this wild world we are living in...

Here's the low-down on what I do and who I work with

This is deep work where strategy takes a bit of a back seat to a slower pace of getting to know who you really are and what is actually going to inspire you to get out of bed everyday. We've been denied living into our full potential for as long as mankind (and I say that intentionally) has existed. It is well overdue we take back our power by simply realizing we've had it all along and learning how to wield it confidently with good will. This is what I do and the kind of people I work with are all in.

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The Courage Changes Everything Podcast

The sometimes controversial, sometimes playful, sometimes something in the middle but always inspiring conversations of the Courage Changes Everything Podcast will fill your soul and challenge your mind. "These are the moments right before everything changes."

001: This is the Title for Popular Ep

001: This is the Title for Popular Ep

001: This is the Title for Popular Ep

001: This is the Title for Popular Ep

001: This is the Title for Popular Ep


Spring 2022

March 2020 isn't for the faint of heart and when Cait said I've got permission to step back from everything I immediately felt better. I also love that she is focusing on the opportunities she has and not what she's lost. Such good advice!

I've got permission to step back from everything...

-Queen Ender

Okay I am obsessed with Cait and this show! She is such a smart, fierce business woman who is actually real. Her vulnerability makes this show amazing. I've learned how to be myself, and how to stay motivated from this podcast."

Her vulnerability makes this show amazing.


Really been loving this podcast. Interesting interviews that delve into personal and professional development. Cait has a generous soul and is super authentic without being fake authentic. Highly recommend!

Interviews that delve into personal and professional development.


Cait truly cares about you! It's so evident in her voice and words. She is one of the people that will continue to raise our vibration and keep our communities strong. 🌎 Thank you thank you. 💜

Cait truly cares about you!


what about a place where people wanted to have conversations about the way the world could be better rather than the way those in power choose to drown us out?

This isn't a perfect community, I'm certainly not a perfect leader but this is a space with the best intentions and people in it being as real as we can muster without burning it all down everyday. Join us, let's talk about the hopes we have and what we are doing about it and leave the rest to other surface level spaces out there.

heck yes, I want in!