98. How to Live a More Optimal Life That Works for You

July 8, 2020

In this final guest episode of season two Cait Pearson talks with behavioral health coach, Kelley Hoag. Kelley is a behavioral health advisor with a master's of science in a well applied behavioral analysis and a certificate in integrative nutrition as the founder of Root to Rise Health. She uses behavior change and holistic health to help men and women create sustainable habits and an empowering life. Kelley offers one to one partnerships, a five week course and a monthly membership to help men and women achieve a holistic existence and sustained success to rise to their true selves. We focus on how living an optimal life can and does look different for everyone and “healthy” living isn't juts for the enlightened.

Cait and Kelley talk about living an optimal life in terms of having a more balanced daily structure, including things like:

  • getting on a proper sleep schedule
  • stop multi-tasking, do one task at a time
  • eat sitting down, with full presence and actually consciously chew your food
  • developing a daily morning routine

These couple changes can set you up for a successfully balanced day. We also discuss how to tap into your intuition to be able to find out what you really want in your life and how to have a holistic approach to reach your goals. This is a powerful conversation for anyone looking to have more sustainability in their life. 

Kelley offers a free 30 minute discovery call to identify your personalized plan and get the ball rolling towards your success!


Instagram: @roottorisehealth

Connect with She’s Hungry host, Cait Pearson:

Instagram: @sheshungryco

Website: https://caitpearson.com

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