During these days of crazy quarantining, if you’re anything like me you’re drifting somewhere between super jazzed and ready to take on the to do list like a pro or contemplating how gross it really is that you haven’t changed out of your pajamas for the last 6 days. I hate inconsistencies and as much as I love hanging out in my pjs and not having to do much laundry I knew I needed to find a way to hack my motivation. How do I get my butt in gear and do SOMETHING productive? These are some of the helpful tips I have for what to do when your motivation is running low.

In this episode I share a little neuroscience (couldn’t help it guys!) alongside a little kick in the pants inspiration for whatever stage you’re at on this, now 9 week, journey. Not only that but I share exactly WHAT are these little neurotransmitters, HOW they effect our bodies, and WHY they are important for your motivation in your day-to-day living. I give you all sorta of examples too! Things from simply getting some movement in your day, #bootywiggles FTW ! To getting clear on some goal setting, and how the vision around that goal can leave a lasting impact on the confidence you feel about yourself.

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