In today's solo episode, host Cait Pearson is sitting down and is getting deep into her perspective of what the concept of motivation is and all the excuses that come up when people claim they just “aren’t motivated” to work on their goals. Cait explains her thinking in the aspect that motivation is a lie, and if you aren’t motivated then you aren’t connected to your vision. To make sure you aren’t stuck in an unmotivated rut, she shares the daily system she has in place to stay on top of her vision and to put in the work everyday to make this vision a reality for her. She goes through step by step her process that she does each morning to set herself up for a successful day. By staying focused on the vision, she is able to stay motivated on this venture. Make sure to check this video out on YouTube so you can watch her process!

What do you think of this perspective on motivation? Connect with Cait on these platforms and let her know what you thought of the episode and what you want to hear in the upcoming season!

Instagram: @sheshungryco

YouTube: She's Hungry Co by Cait Pearson

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