92. Listening to Your Intuition to Find Your Purpose as an Entrepreneur

May 9, 2020

Today, host Cait Pearson is sitting down with multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Mackenzie Belcastro. Mackenzie is a writer, a content creator and the co-founder of Saturday Social TO. SSTO is an event designed to build a community for creatives and entrepreneurs to serve them with the resources they need to the life of their dreams. She is passionate about deep connections with people and living a life of purpose. Mack aims to embody this in her everyday life and help others do the same throughout all facets of her work. We deep dive into how to find your purpose by following your intuition and how creativity can lend a huge hand in that process.

In this episode, Cait and Mackenzie covered so many important creative topics. Mackenzie expresses what it’s like to write a fiction book, as she is in the process of publishing a book called “The Playhouse.” Mackenzie so graciously gave the She's Hungry listeners a sneak peak into the upcoming book, which you can find here.

We also talk about:

+ Why Fiction books are just as important to self-development books when it comes to internal growth.

+ How to listen to your intuition to become more in tune with your passion as a business owner, and how to remain creative during times of stress.

And for anyone listening who is a creative themselves or is wanting to begin following their passion, you’ll learn exactly how to get past any hangups to create the vision you have. 

The variety of topics we cover today help you to follow your intuition that sparks in creativity to find your purpose and during a challenging entrepreneur journey, this can be everything.

Make sure you check out “The Playhouse” from the link below and follow her on social media to get all the updates for when you can have the book on your shelf!

Read the first chapter of “The Playhouse”: https://mackbelcastro.com/theplayhouse/

Stay informed for the Saturday Social events coming up this fall: https://saturdaysocialto.com

Mackenzie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mackbelcastro/

Mackenzie’s Website: https://mackenziebelcastro.com/

Want to know more about the podcast course? Find the deets here.

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