Your PATH,

Your rules.

No one is coming. That’s just the honest truth. If you want to live YOUR life, that's what we do here.
It's not the life your mom wanted for you, or the one your dad would be proud of, or the one where everyone in your family “gets it” when you talk about it at Christmas. It's not even the one you can distill down to a catchy elevator pitch at your high school reunion.

 It's the one you can’t hide from swirling in your brain with all the “what ifs” right before you fall asleep at night. The dreams your imagination wanders off to while you're sitting at your desk, thinking, "this can't be all there is, can it?" That life that is dying for you to own it, literally. That’s the one we fight for here.
You’re ready, you know it, I know it.
So let’s get after it, no more excuses. 

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I was so tired of trying to fit into what others expected of me....

and failing.

It's not that you don't know WHAT you want.
It's not that you don't know HOW to get there.

It's that you don't show up consistently and confidently to do the HOWs ( because the list is long) to get the WHAT.

& let's be real honest, when you do, it hardly ever feels like progress is being made anyway. Am I right?

I get it. trust me.

Hey there,
I'm Cait

I'm an unconvetional coach, a photographer, a vanlifer, an explorer,an educator, a maker, a podcast host, an artist, coffee enthusiast, and food is my love language. i don't have it all figured out and i hope I never do.

I've never played by the rules. My father says my lack of filter is my best and my worst quality. I'm still challenged regularly that my directness somehow translates to agression. Let's just say I've heard a lot of things about myself over the years and to that I say, I could not care less. Life is a grand experiment in an ever changing world with obstacles like banana peels in Mario Kart. I'm just doing my best, helping people along the way, loving my people fully, and usually with a glass of wine in hand.

What if I told you it wasn't as hard as it feels right now?

This is why the first thing I say to anyone who asks about the work I do is I tell them it's about fighting for the brave little girls we were destined to be before the generational trauma of the patriarchy put us in cages. The best part is, even if you can't remember who that would be now, she's still in there. 

especially all of us that grew up with the internet, we started losing awareness of our own autonomy. The allegience to ourselves dissolved and using our discernment as a tool to choose things based on our own satifaction diminished for arbitrary belonging from our peers on the internet.

Before you roll your eyes because that statement sounds like a cheap sales gimmick from a late night 90s infomercial, just stick with me. You are not the problem. I'll say it again. You are not the problem. We live in a world that gives us way so much access. Have you ever been to the Cheesecake Factory and you're stomach is so hungry it's about to start devouring itself but you simply can't seem to choose anything on the menu because there are so many options that the decision feels almost stressful? Well from a very young age,

This work is about building a bridge back to yourself, trust that it can hold the weight of the dreams and desires you carry, and knowing that your people will not only come to love the world you build for yourself around that bridge but they will celebrate, support, and hand you the bricks to strengthen the foundations it's all built on. Your dreams are on purpose, you are on purpose, and we will unlearn their conditioning to return to our feral, wild selves together. 

it's about fighting for the brave little girls we were destined to be before the generational trauma of the patriarchy put us in cages.

a six month experience of 1:1  coaching, integrative experiences, and six transformational pillars to guide you from self-doubt and second-guessing to clarity, confidence, and a place within yourself to call home.

How it Works

Month One - Courage

Month Two - Calling

Month Three - Cages

Month Four- Conditioning

Month Five - Community

Month Six - Wild

Week one - 1:1 Session

Week two - integration

Week Three - 1:1 Coaching

Week four -reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to create a foundation in being connected to yourself, what matters to you, and what you believe about the world. Being firmly planted in knowing who you are and what you stand for is vital in this transformation, it’s the home you will always come back to.

Key Themes: Self-Confidence, Intrinsic Why, Fears, Worthiness

Our first session will consist of housekeeping and coaching based in the workbook exercises

Week five - 1:1 Coaching

Week six - integration

Week seven - 1:1 Coaching

Week eight -reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to explore how you make decisions currently. As well as bring awareness to the habits and patterns that are the foundation your beliefs are built upon and lived through.

Key Themes: Intuition, Self-Talk, Habits, Self-Sabotage

Week nine - 1:1 Coaching

Week Ten - integration

Week Eleven - 1:1 Coaching

Week twelve -reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to set the stage of the expectations that are holding you hostage. This includes an environmental audit and evaluating comparison and validation.

Key Themes: Comparison, Stories We Tell, Imposter Syndrome, Limiting Beliefs

Week Thirteen - 1:1 Coaching

Week fourteen - integration

Week fifteen - 1:1 Coaching

Week sixteen -reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to gain clarity around boundaries. Setting them from a place of self-love and not fear or scaricty. How to communicate boundaries, and negotiate them when necessary.

Key Themes: Boundaries, Communication, Confidence

Week seventeen - 1:1 Coaching

Week eighteen - integration

Week nineteen - 1:1 Coaching

Week twenty -reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to creatively use this space of safety to imagine and define what a supportive and fulfilling community means for you. No rules, all play, anything goes. If you build it, they will come. 

Key Themes: Fulfillment, Safety, Play, Creativity

Week twentyone- 1:1 Coaching

Week twentytwo - integration

Week twentythree - 1:1 Coaching

Weektwentyfour - reflection

The purpose of this pillar is to PRACTICE. I come back to each one of these pillars like the tools they are time and time again. This pillar is to practice the functionality of each tool and how it feels best for you to use it. Also to feel into your confidence that you can trust you'll know which tool to use when.

Key Themes: Functionality, Action, Practice

Twelve, 90-Minute 1:1 Transformation Coaching Sessions

60+ page Comprehensive Workbook

Welcome Kit
(everyone loves mail!)

What's Included:

Unlimited Access to Coaching Support from Me via Notion, Voxer, and Email

Private Alumni Community

First Access to Future Programs and In-Person Community Events

& these bonuses!

This program is not for:

+ someone looking for a plug and play strategy for building their business, facing their fears, or gaining confidence while pursuing their dreams.

+ someone who wants to passively engage with the work, and who isn't into journal writing.

+ someone who isn't willing to take personal responsibility for their decision making and progress.

This program is for:

+ someone willing  to dive deep into their habits, patterns, and decision making skills to rewrite the narratives while dissolving blocks to pursue their dreams.

+ someone willing to dedicate themselves to prompts, homework, and integrative practices outside of an intensive coaching session.

+ someone willing and ready to own their responsibility in creating a different life for themselves.

schedule free 90-minute coaching session

The Investment:

you have two payment options available.

+ You can pay $482.50 for six months.

I don't charge a fee for a payment plan.

+ You can also pay the full amount up front if that is more convenient for you.

Your experience includes:

+ Two 90 minute 1:1 sessions a month with cait

+ 6 Pillars of deep transformative work

+ 60+ page workbook of prompts & integration exercises

+ unlimited access to cait via email, voxer, and notion

Courage. Calling, Cages, Conditioning, Community, Wild

+ limited to 16 women per 6 months


Living Wild is

Six Months &

in total.

schedule free 90-minute coaching session


twelve sessions total, 1,080 coaching miunutes

Frequently Asked Questions:

+ How long is the coaching program?

Living Wild is a six month program with twelve 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions built into the program. We explore one pillar of the program per month, and we have two scheduled coaching sessions per pillar.

+ can the program be tailored to my specific needs and goals?

Within each pillar we breakdown high-level mental blocks using psychological tools and frameworks. Within each of these pillars, each person has a different resistence pathway that our coaching sessions tailor to. You are the driver of the program and what we explore within each pillar as we move through them.

+ What methods or techniques do you use during the sessions?

Each session is structured for coaching, according to the International Coaching Federation. I also introduce tools and techinques from behavioral psychology and applied neuroscience. 

+ Are there any additional resources or materials provided for support?

There is a 60+ page workbook with prompts and exercises specifically crafted to support you during each pillar. The pages are in PDF format, distributed monthly via Notion and your email.

+ What if I miss a session? Can I reschedule?

All coaching sessions are booked at the beginning of the program. If you miss one or more without proper notice as outlined in the client disclosure + agreement I will do my absolute best to try and accomodate. All sessions remaining at the end of the six month program will not be made up.

+ how do I contact you if I have questions or concerns?

You have Unlimited Notion, Voxer, and email access to me during your Living Wild program dates. I ask that you allow 24-48 hours for a reply, but I typically respond within 12-24 hrs. 

if you have a question you don't see answered, please email me at                      

please allow 24-48 hours for a response, thank you!

Cait honestly doesn't take your bullshit excuses. She holds you accountable, and it's fierce but she's compassionate when it gets tough. 100% would recommend for anyone looking to get out of their own way.

This felt like the first time where I had to work for the answers that felt right for me. She doesn't hand you anything and I truly believe it's going to stick this time because of that.

Aren't you so tired of selling yourself short?

stop second-guessing and instead use foundational habit forming tools to make choices you believe in.

stop doing it all, living in a way that drains you and instead cultivate community that helps you carry your dreams to fruition.

stop existing to live, pay bills, and die and instead have measurable results that ignite and inspire you to live on purpose.

The Time is Now.

How to Enroll

As long as there is space, you can start Living Wild at any time.
Book a call with Cait, and together decide if this is the right place for you.

schedule free 90-minute coaching session

Not sure yet?

Here's my Guarantee

I'm not giving you anything you don't already have. I am not a sorceress who is going to wave her magic wand and suddenly all your dreams will be a reality. No, there is real work to be done here. But that's exactly why I can gaurentee the work, if you do it, it will work. It's a remembering, an unlearning, and uncovering with someone walking beside you as a guide to anchor your knowing when fear tries to deter you. You will know, see, and feel things about youself that will transcend whatever obstacle because you will awaken a belief about who you are that you simply can't unknow. You will trust her, and she will follow you anywhere.