the fight for the brave little girls we wish the world encouraged us to be, our time is NOW


Welcome to the Wilderness

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a place where we say fuck what's realistic, we take back our "too much," and liberate ourselves from cages of expectation and labels the patriarchy put our ancestors in long ago.

we are the legacies of witches they couldn't burn.


The expectations, labels, and the stories that you don't even know you have that are holding you back. These aren't always obvious so we will work together using coaching as well as other exercises and tools in neuroscience to create new safe pathways for your brain to go after the dreams you want.

Challenge Conditioning

While we can start to unravel and identify things like limiting beliefs and upper limits that's only part of the work. As we target the "problems," patterns, habits, and more stories will rise to the surface. Here we will collaborate on grounding principles and value systems that will bring you back when navigating the unknowns.

Calling on Intuiton

This is the pillar where values work will really come to life. Our society has a deep rooted focus on materials, outcomes, and destinations. Here we are going to work on listening to internal wisdom, how to trust it, and allowing how we want to feel to cultivate different choices and how we make them.


Especially as women we are taught to be polite, realistic, humble, self-less, and the list continues on. In this pillar we will focus on what it would mean for you to courageously flex who you are really proud to be and what practices you would have to anchor yourself in to support that version of yourself every day.


Entering the wild world of powerful autonomous living can feel like a daunting solo journey. Here we will talk about boundaries, and what building a community rooted in your core values that makes you feel safe, seen, valued, and celebrated in a way that is true for you.


This is the joy. In the midst of all the work, self-evolution, and discovery, we have to bring back in the joy. How do you want to celebrate yourself? How can we thank who we are, who we were, and the courage we had to not settle when that would have been the easy thing to do. 

a six month experience that together, we will navigate the six pillars to unearth the stories, habits, and patterns holding you back, and clear a path that feels sustainable and courageous for your most authentic self to lead the way.

The Six Pillars

You're in the right place if...

You are frustrated with the state of the world right now and want to contribute to a more powerful conversation than settling for the destruction that's unfolding.

Gun violence, global warming, racism, white supremacy, and the disgusting agendas of the patriarchy in government power that this country was built on is what we have been given but it is not where, when, or how we will be stopped or silenced. You are here because you feel deeply that you have a calling, message, or mission that you were made to serve the world with.

You have a message, mission, or calling that you are drawn to share and you are ready for support to help you bring it powerfully into the world.

There is always this little voice inside of you nagging for attention but you don't know where or how to get started. You feel determined without any clear direction of where to put it.

You have an unrelenting belief in the goodness in the world that feels equally powerful and exhausting. 

Feeling like you don't have a consistent community that "gets you," that you can share your biggest wins and deepest fears. A place for support and understanding and also accountability and action is what you're looking for.

This is not the right opportunity for you if...

  • are a male-identifying person

  • aren't sure about coaching or the investment in moving through habits and patterns that may be holding you back

  • are looking for strategy, "content," or more followers

Why I'm called to this work...

Too many incredible people are being stifled into complacency and silence because sometimes the powers that be feel too big and too loud all at once.

And yet the messages of hope, resiliency, and truth that we carry are the very messages that would shatter the cages they have built around us.

So when I ask you why the power behind those messages isn't enough, you tell me you feel small, insignificant, and overwhelmed. That you don't know where to start. But it doesn't have to be like this.

We are as powerful as the relationships we forge, and we can change this, the world, together.



All program options are $4700 and LYW is only open for 10 clients per enrollment.

Six Months

  • 6 perspective shifting 1:1 sessions with Caitie over the course of six months.
  • 6 Immersive Experiences where you tap into the roots of habits using neuroscience and psychology.
  • 6 Online Live Group Gatherings to break through collective conditioning and get real-time group support.
  • The Six Pillars of Liberation to focus our work together
  • Unlimited Voxer support between sessions
  • Customized journal prompts and educational material

we meet every month for 90 minutes of ground-breaking work over six months

Choose from a single payment of $4700
 or six payments of $783
or ten payments of $470

book a session with me

LYW is only open for 10 clients per enrollment.