Today, Cait shared about the changes she has implemented in her daily schedule since Tuesdays interview with functional nutritionist, Frankie Leigh. Cait learned so many great tips from their conversation that she has been able to use to combat her struggles with gut health since she moved to Portland four years ago. Along with her health, Cait gives helpful insight on how embracing change is the fluid mentality to live a happy and health life.

 Not only does she share the health changes she has gone through recently, but how embracing change and the unknown in other areas of life has left a positive impact on her success. Cait empowers you in this episode giving you the courage to look at change from a different perspective and embrace how the unknown can bring amazing opportunities to your life.

Have you been a fan of the She’s Hungry Tuesday and Friday episode release schedule? Cait is always welcoming feedback from you and would love to hear what you think about the podcast as she plans out the next season! You can connect with Cait on the following platforms below and she would LOVE to chat with you:

Instagram: @sheshungryco



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