The Wild Society

A free community for womxn to train your courage like the muscle it is for braver living everyday.

Every person deserves a community to support them as they step into their own, bet on themselves, and dare to dream of a more true and wild life for themselves. 

We are the wild ones - those of us on the relentless pursuit to live our lives like it all matters, like who and how we are leaves impact like ripples that together compound into waves for the future to rise high on. Courage, growth, and change are not requirements for living but they are the responisbility we take on knowing who we are today is the greatest indicator of who we will become tomorrow, and we know just as well as we want ourselves to be better, this planet needs better from us. This is our Wild Society.
A space where we rally, we confide, we support, and conquer the cages they try to put us inside.

Who is the The Wild Society  for?

What can you expect?

  • Our community is for womxn entrepreneurs, wild womxn dreamers, leadership, and anyone who identifies as a womxn with an affinity for personal growth and global change-making conversations.

  • You consider yourself a feather-ruffler, system-bucker, an outlier.

  • You may get frustrated at the monotonous conversations and complaints about the "way the world is/the state of the world" from parties and people who aren't willing to get uncomfortable to do anything about it.

  • You are deeply invested in equity and equality, you're actively committed to ally ship and anti-racism, and are doing the work to know when to stand up and when to shut up.

  • You believe this crazy beautiful opportunity that is life should be filled with more joy, and you know that you'll have to call in your courage if you want to go find it.

  • Spend time weekly inside of a community that "gets it."

  • Get content every week that sparks imagination, inspires bold choices, and nudges you to get outside your comfort zone.

  • Get real time advice from my own successful businesses and personal development practices.

  • Have a space to feel seen, uplifted, and inspired.

  • A built-in accountability squad right at your finger tips as often as you need us.

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The Wild Society is free.

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The Wild Society is free.