122. Money Mindset and Following Your Intuition in Business with Diana Davis

December 7, 2020

It's kinda like the chicken or the egg riddle, which comes first when pricing out your offers in your business? Do we formulate logistically based on the market, so our offerings are competitive or do we decide what our value is worth and charge it, to hell what they say?

Episode Notes

In today's episode I get to chatting with six-figure business owner, Diana Davis. She is a business coach who empowers creative entrepreneurs and side hustlers to turn their passions into profit. After leaving a shiny corporate job behind, Diana built a successful six-figure photography and graphic design business as a #solopreneur in the hustle of NYC. Now, she leads other creative entrepreneurs to land their dream clients, grow a profitable business, and find fulfillment outside of the 9-to-5 through one-on-one coaching and group programs such as Camp Clarity: the 90-Day Program to Creative Empowerment and Authentic Success.

We dive into the chicken or the egg, and how, when creating, pricing, and publishing our offers do we really find out what we are worth?

We talk a lot about intuition and following your gut, as well as the steps one might take to figuring out your pricing that works for YOU and YOUR life and YOUR ACTUAL DESIRES once and for all.

Listen to today's episode to crack this egg wide open.

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