106. Breathwork: The Bridge to Your Intuition

August 10, 2020


Christine and I have a candid conversation about how following her joy and her subtle curiosities around her joy have always lead her exactly in the direction she was meant to go. This intuition and trust she formed within herself has given way to a foundation that allows her to explore this “what's next” mentality with ease instead of conflict.

In addition we discuss what a breathwork practice is really like, how it differs from meditation and yoga, and how for the productive “do-ers” of the world, this might be a perfect practice to get back to self.

Other things discussed:

  • human design
  • careers
  • trauma
  •  personal development

“After a decade of building a successful career in PR & Marketing, I decided to take a leap of faith and left the corporate world behind last year to pursue what lit my soul up the most. A year of adventure ensued with me saying yes to new opportunities, learning many lessons on self love and personal growth along the way.

With my love of bringing people together, I began to curate unique experiences inspiring people to awaken their intuition by tapping into their inner joy through intuitive arts and crafts, mindful cooking, meditation, tarot readings, sister circles and more.”

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